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Juliana Tilbury (PLEXUS|dance)

Creating new and cutting edge work that is highly physical and emotionally charged.

“PLEXUS|dance is delivering polished and provocative immersions in the art form. So there is plenty for an audience to feed on if they’re interested in seeing what Tilbury has to say. In an ideal scenario, audience will cross-pollinate with the company and flourish, opening up new outlets for more dancers, musicians, designers, and technicians to participate in the full development of Tilbury’s unquestionable talents.”
Perry Tannenbaum –

Juliana Tilbury founded PLEXUS|dance in 2013. Her works are highly physical and emotionally charged, painting a clear picture of human experience through movement.

Juliana is originally from San Diego, California. She received her BFA in dance from The Boston Conservatory and subsequently danced professionally in New York City for seven years. She has worked with many renowned choreographers including Douglas Dunn, Daniel Charon, Oliver Steele, Leah Cox, Korhan Basaran, Kate Digby and Barbara Mahler. Juliana's work has been presented in New York City, Boston, Charlotte, and San Diego.

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