Fractured Atlas
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Mercury Glass Theatre Company

A mirror through which to view the world.

The Mercury Glass Theatre Company embraces the traditional edifying role of the arts in society by illuminating the world through presentist examination and cultivation of classical and contemporary creations in order to impact and influence its audience towards a more progressive, socially responsible future.

Producing classic and contemporary works performed in an intimate setting exposing the audience to the themes of the play through naked truth, creative interpretation, and honest storytelling.

Challenging the ways in which people view the world by developing productions that highlight sociologically progressive themes.

Working with young artists, students and educators to help craft the next generation of Americans who recognize the social and cultural potency of theatre.

Providing broader audiences access to provoking, engaging performances through the development of a variable pricing structure.

Educating, enriching and engaging local schools and the bourgeoning artistic community around us through a series of focused outreach programs designed to bring our artistic endeavors to others spaces as well as bring them into our own.

Breaking the mold for emerging artists by rejecting the conventional career paths and opportunities pre-designed to guide our careers.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Mercury Glass Theatre Company at this time.
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Raised $25,000