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Fiscal Sponsorship

Only for Professional & Organization members

Fund your work using our tools, resources, and know-how. Learn how to cultivate the resources you deserve and take care of your supporters in the process.

Artist Visas

Available to all members

Support your O & P Visa application with a Letter of No Objection.

Available to all members

Manage your tickets, door lists, and donors in one place. Get to know your patrons and find your fans.


Available to everyone

Find the perfect venue for your performance, rehearsal, or creative endeavor. Share your space with artists in your area. Discover new possibilities in familiar geographies.


Only for Professional & Organization members

Activate your network with a fundraising campaign for your fiscally-sponsored project. Motivate your patrons and maximize your momentum.

Knowledge Base

Available to everyone

Get in-depth answers to your questions. Learn about our policies, procedures, and resources to empower your creativity.

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