Getting a visa to work as an artist in the United States is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Government bureaucracy and red tape are a hassle, especially when you're only going to be working in the country for a short time. When completing this application, you may need a visa letter.


Artists from other countries applying for visas to work in the United States of America often need letters of consultation/no objection that vouch for their artistic excellence. Fractured Atlas can help, especially if you're not already in a union or other professional association.

If you're working on an O or P Visa application — whether as an immigration attorney, an employer/petitioner, or a visiting artist/group of artists — we can review your materials and write a letter of consultation/no objection for the application.


Fractured Atlas is considered a "peer group" by USCIS. We are not a management or labor organization. Please check your visa application requirements to determine if you can use a peer group letter as your primary letter, or if you can only use a peer group letter as a supplement to a letter from a union or labor organization.

Relevant visa application documents can be submitted online. All requests will be honored in 3 to 5 business days. You may request a rush and we will attempt to provide a letter in 1 business day.

A note for artists: We are not immigration attorneys and can't offer advice about the actual visa application/process. If you have questions about getting a visa, check out We are happy to provide further immigration attorney referrals upon request.


We charge $200 for all letters of consultation.

If you request a rush that we're able to accommodate, there will be an additional $150 rush fee for the letter.

If USCIS requests further evidence after their initial review (which usually means a more specific letter of consultation), we charge $100 for the second letter.

If you're ready to proceed, you can request a letter of consultation. Note that you'll need to be a member of Fractured Atlas to submit the request. If you're not already a member, you can join online in just a few minutes.

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