We help individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, in every creative medium by providing fundraising tools, educational resources, and personalized support.

That means artists can devote their effort to doing what they do best — making art that matters to them and the world.

We are based in New York but our influence is national — even global, with international members.

Our vision is to create a world where all artists have the tools they need to make their creative dreams a reality.

Fractured Atlas's mission is to make the journey from inspiration to living practice more accessible and equitable for artists and creatives.


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Fractured Atlas History

Fractured Atlas was founded as a performing arts producer in downtown New York City in 1998 by former CEO Adam Huttler.

Fractured Atlas evolved into an arts service organization in 2002, with a new goal of empowering a wider segment of the arts community in a manner that was both scalable and sustainable. We want to ignite the art of progress by providing educational resources and technological tools to help you make art that matters in the world.

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Anti-racism and Anti-Oppression
Community Guidelines

Fractured Atlas’s membership includes individual artists — performing, visual, literary, design, media, and everything in between — and arts organizations — from one-person outfits to the biggest of the big. Many individuals, including Fractured Atlas members, face practical barriers and oppressive experiences because of individual and systemic unequal power related to race, ability, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and immigration status. Since Fractured Atlas is a reflection of the society in which we live, these uses of power will inevitably exist within Fractured Atlas as well.

Discrimination and oppression can prevent people from engaging with Fractured Atlas in a way that fully reflects their ability, experience and contributions. We recognize that understanding, acknowledging and working to eliminate oppression is a learning process for us all. Different people can be at different stages in the learning process, and we all need to create opportunities for learning and assist each other in the learning process. The complete set of guidelines are available here.

Fractured Atlas recognizes that those who experience discrimination can make choices that will dismantle systems of oppression for themselves and others.

Our Commitment

We are committed to anti-oppression principles in all areas of our work. We believe change is possible, and that our organization and the artistic community will grow stronger as oppression is eliminated.

Fractured Atlas will ensure that its work accurately reflects the variety of knowledge of all peoples. We recognize the leadership of disenfranchised and oppressed individuals and groups to bring about anti-oppressive change. We acknowledge discrimination and challenge oppression.

Fractured Atlas will work to ensure that:

  • The membership of Fractured Atlas accurately reflects the vibrancy of the arts community and our society as a whole;
  • Our products are developed in an accessible way so that our members can utilized them in a manner free from obstacles, barriers and oppression;
  • Fractured Atlas’s networking, information sharing, and strategy consultations are informed by the goal of identifying and countering the impact of the various and combined forms of oppression affecting our membership;
  • Fractured Atlas’s advocacy work with government, and communications with the media and the public address the diverse and combined forms of oppression facing our diverse membership, and offer practical solutions to eliminate this oppression.
  • Our capacity and the capacity of our membership is strengthened to challenge unequal power and biases that lead to oppression;
  • We strengthen our capacity and the capacity of our membership to develop individual leadership and advocacy potential;
  • A process is put into place to develop policies and practices that promote anti-oppression, and to implement, periodically review and improve such policies and practices where necessary.

Ignite the Art of Progress

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