We are artists. We are creators. We are analysts, innovators, and thought leaders. We are actors, writers, dancers, producers, devisers, founders, makers, movers, and shakers. We are hustlers. We are leaders. We are a community.

We are Fractured Atlas and this is #HowWeWork.

Board Members

Russell Willis Taylor


Ramphis Castro

Vice Chair

Mukti Khaire


Lisa Yancey


Tim Cynova


Christopher J. Mackie

Lauren Ruffin


Elizabeth Scott

Holly Sidford

E. Andrew Taylor


Nina Berman

Associate Director, Communications & Content

Nicola Carpenter

Associate Director, People Operations

Savannah Core

Program Associate

Tim Cynova


Monica Gonzalez

Program Assistant

Theresa Hubbard

Senior Director, Programs

Colleen Hughes

Associate Director, Programs

Lauren Lattimore

Program Associate

Russell Norris

Software Developer

Farhia Omar

Program Assistant

Sophia Park

Associate Director, Community

Carli Rhoades

Finance Associate

Marcus Swift

Software Project Manager

Molly Winstead

Program Assistant

Jillian Wright

VP, People Operations & Controller

Christine Zagrobelny

Software Developer

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