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#TechToolTuesday: VideoScribe

You've probably seen one of those hand-drawn whiteboard videos popularized by folks like RSA Animate or ASAP Science. They're a fantastic way to grab the attention of viewers and get them to pay attention to your idea. We've gone over some of the ways that arts groups are using some new video tools like vine and instagram, but today we're featuring a tool that allows anyone to create one of those popular hand-drawn whiteboard videos with a few clicks of your mouse: VideoScribe.

Sure you could film a video yourself and speed it up, but VideoScribe allows you to create a similar video without needing artistic talent, a camera, or film editing skills. Essentially, VideoScribe lets you to take line drawings from a large library of pre-generated and searchable vector images, arrange them in a story board, and then use them to create a professional "hand-drawn" video. The library is quite extensive, but should you need an image that isn't in their library,  you can import your own vector images that the software can interpret and "draw" in your video.

Once you've selected you images, simply drag and drop them in the order you want them to appear and the software automatically stitches together a video of a hand "drawing" the images. Now, all you have to do is import your audio and add background music (which they also provide), and you've got one hell of a video. No cameras or ink stains in sight.

You can try out the software for free with a 7-day free trial, and after that there are monthly, annual, and lifetime pricing options. There's no doubt that a real time-lapse video of an actual illustrator drawing on a whiteboard probably looks better and more polished than what the software can churn out, but for those of us who don't have the time, money, or expertise... this tool is a great option to fill that gap.