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Step 1: Understanding who we are and what we sponsor

Application Timeline

Applications are considered on an ongoing basis. There is no submission deadline. The review of your application will take place within one to two weeks of submission. You will receive notice of the decision within one to two weeks of submitting your application.

For example: I apply for sponsorship on Feb. 1st; the review takes place within two weeks; I am accepted into the program on or before February 14th. This is the longest range of time it would normally take to get sponsored.

What Do We Sponsor?

Fractured Atlas supports fiscally sponsored projects that are consistent with our IRS-approved charitable mission. Projects must be artistic in nature and may not be produced solely for commercial gain. The term "project" is used very broadly, and may refer to a one-time project, an ongoing group or company, or even the work and career of an individual artist.

Examples of the types of projects we sponsor include:

What Can't We Sponsor?

What is the Relationship Between Fractured Atlas and its Sponsored Projects?

Fiscal sponsorship has many different models and programs differ. Fractured Atlas' fiscal sponsorship program is structured as a grantor-grantee relationship. Our program is very large and we currently act as a fiscal sponsor to over 2,500 projects across the country. In our program, sponsored projects are treated as separate legal entities that are responsible for their own tax returns, employment taxes, insurance, debts, liabilities and other legal obligations. Although fiscal sponsorship does not give projects 501(c)(3) status, it does enable them to access many of the benefits of Fractured Atlas' 501(c)(3) status.

Fractured Atlas does not judge your work's artistic quality or merit. Fractured Atlas provides a legal and efficient mechanism for funders and donors to support charitable, arts-related activities.

Fiscal Sponsorship Contract

By submitting an application you agree to be legally bound by the fiscal sponsorship agreement. Please review it carefully before applying.

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