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Ancient Presence, Modern Projection: Torcello - Venezia, Italia

Experiencing Global Cultural Heritage Through Modern Media

Milestone Architecture’s exhibition "Ancient Presence, Modern Projection: Torcello-Venezia, Italia" immerses the visitor in a contemporary experience of Venetian-Byzantine structures located on the island of Torcello. Timed to coincide with the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, and conceived as a participatory exhibition, live feeds connect Torcello with installations in New York and Venice. The ancient structures’ fundamental relationship to architecture is interpreted through the installations, where physical objects, light projections, and interactive software engage the viewer. Creative deployment of digital media – as a transparent construction material and live-streaming medium – invokes themes of modernist architecture while facilitating a contemporary experience of Torcello across time and space. Notably, the exhibition and its website adapt cutting-edge techniques of Human-Centered Design to the project. Tools of visual, haptic and aural presentation permit points of entry for persons with differing abilities, so that any visitor may gain access to the Basilica and partake in its spirit through a prism of modalities.

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