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The Museum of Joy

An inside-out museum dedicated to the exploration & celebration of the human experience of joy

The Museum of Joy is an inside-out museum celebrating the range, breadth, and depth of joyous experience through a roving, ephemeral "collection" of performances, installations, artworks, and immersive experiences. Working from the deep belief that joy is the flame that lights our way in times of darkness, the Museum's mission is to celebrate, share, and (hopefully) elicit the moments that make us think life might be worth living after all.


We work from the premise that art belongs to everyone; that access to it is a necessary and vital part of everyday life, and that experiencing delight and wonder just where it seems least likely is good for the human spirit. We want to bring you joy, and we want to help bring your joy to others. Our events and projects create spaces we hope will help you give voice to the ways that wonder is already at work within your life.

We create free, participatory art events that center around joyous experience. We like to involve as many people as possible at every stage, so we put out calls for contributions on a regular basis. Whether we're turning love poems into flowers and giving them away to strangers on buses or turning joyous moments into tiny books and hiding them in libraries, we would love to have your voice.


Joy is what helps us tell ourselves that things can be better than we had dared to hope for. It's the way we know the universe might have some gifts left to spare for us. It lights our way when things get dark; it's the meaning we find in the midst of grief.

"While the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isn't any other tale to tell, it's the only light we've got in all this darkness."

- James Baldwin

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of The Museum of Joy at this time.
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