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Warehouse Alliance: fostering a music & arts community for youth in the Upper Midwest.

The Warehouse Alliance has formed to provide growth of the music and arts community through youth-oriented and community-directed music and arts programming and learning.

Warehouse Alliance is a 501c3 in-progress non-profit, making its home inside The Warehouse, a unique all-ages concert venue/arts center on the 2nd/3rd levels of a historic late 1890s building in downtown La Crosse WI. For 23 years the Warehouse has provided an alcohol/drug-free environment where local, regional, and national bands perform, rehearse, and record. Young high school musicians get a chance to showcase their music on a big stage in front of their friends, make new fans, learn how to handle equipment, learn show etiquette, and often get to perform side-by-side with their favorite national musicians. These kids are usually the ones who find no school programs in place to allow them to play the kind of music they like, and thereby have no institutionalized support system for the activity they want to do most.
The Warehouse gives these kids a chance to build life skills like public speaking, teamwork, self-confidence, creativity, marketing, and more.
For many of these kids, The Warehouse is their football field, their show choir, their theater, their sports team... the one thing their school and other existing programs just do not provide.
The Warehouse is an environment where kitds who might not fit in with particular cliques at school can come together and form new bonds with kids just like themselves from other area schools and towns. Warehouse gives kids a chance to build their own community in a supervised environment that does not suffocate, preach, or interfere: The Warehouse fosters.
Warehouse Alliance formed to support and expand the programs that the Warehouse offers, and to ensure the survival of one of America's Longest Running All-Ages No Alcohol Concert and Art Spaces.

The Warehouse Alliance will support and promote the growth of the music and arts community of the Greater Coulee Region through events, shows, workshops and classes, volunteerism, and immersive learning opportunities.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Warehouse at this time.
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