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Creative Roots

Inspiring Creativity... Nurturing Connection...

Creative Roots empowers kids and adults of all ages with creative experiences to build life-long wellness. Using creativity, the arts, nature and our current knowledge of neurobiology and the power of relationships, Creative Roots encourages children, families and the caring professionals who work with them, to create life-long connections to learning, the world around us, and to each other.

At Creative Roots, we inspire kids and adults to explore their individual creativity and form connections. We empower our clients with information and tools for optimal learning; opportunities to increase self-awareness, self-expression and self-confidence; and collaborative partnerships to nurture significant and supportive connections.

Our professional staff offers unique and alternative solutions. We listen carefully, observe closely and develop strong collaborative relationships with our participants, their families and their support networks, to cultivate supportive relationships. Accessing current research in interpersonal neurobiology, somatics and holistic health practices, we offer up-to-date skills and strategies to integrate in natural learning environments. Using the arts, we help you tap into your own inner sense of knowing and well being to empower you with the skills and experiences you need for life-long learning and development.
Creative Roots donates to local school auctions and offers scholarships to families in need of financial support.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Creative Roots at this time.
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