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The Journey

Double-helix inspired, interactive experience, using mortise and tenon, interlocking construction.

The art project known as “The Journey” is a reflective, interactive experience for Burning Man 2017. The Journey is presented as an expression of the chromosomal double-helix that is part of all life on Earth. This project comes alive as an ultra-sensory, torus sculpture that encourages contemplation, interface, relationship and wonder. Through music, lighting, design, and responsive technology, The Journey allows for participants to work individually or in collaboration to actively change the immediate experience within and around the installation. As such, the community becomes an active participant in the creation of The Journey experience on both the individual and cooperative level. The purpose of The Journey is to bring a large scale, climbable, interactive structure to the playa. It is intended to be a moveable project that will have a life of community interaction beyond the 2017 Burning Man experience.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of The Journey at this time.
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