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Weaving the River

Immersive art experience that celebrates the history of the Wyandot Indian Settlement of Quindaro.

Weaving the River is an immersive art experience that celebrates the underrecognized history of the Wyandot Indian Settlement of Quindaro and current Western University Association Quindaro Site. Our team has committed to an installation at the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County (CHC of WyCO) in October 2017 (803 Armstrong, Kansas City, KS).

This installation includes a soundscape composed by Jen Appell, natural samples collected on the historic grounds, voices of residents, songs of slavery and Wyandot Nation music. The soundscape explores the synergies and counterpoints of the community's complex cultural wealth. Jillian Youngbird will weave a river from sticks and resources collected from the settlement and yarn steeped in water of the Missouri. This physical interpretation of Quindaro, which means bundle of sticks or stronger together, represents the strength of weaving together a community. Justin Border and Meghan Rowswell will sculpturally interpret the topography of the Missouri and Kansas riverbanks in a way that allows the public to walk the landscape. Our team will also create infographics depicting the populations past and present challenges inspired by the early graphic design of W.E.B. Du Bois.

Viewers are encouraged to interact with the project by tying strips of paper with thoughts or wishes for the community throughout the installation. These wishes will be ceremonially released at the site of the original Quindaro docks on the Missouri River. Through interactive engagement, we educate and advocate for the future of Quindaro. Audience participation will spark interest in the Old Quindaro Museum, securing the next generation of investment in this historical site and future vitality. The installation at the CHC of WyCo is temporary and will be reinstalled in the spring of 2018 in an exhibition with the Kansas City Design Council. In September 2017, Weaving the River will be presented to Freedom's Frontier partner locations as a potential traveling exhibition.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Weaving the River at this time.
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