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An artist-run contemporary art project space in Chelsea

Silvershed is an artist-run contemporary art project space in New York. Collaborating on exhibitions, publications and events in New York, Los Angeles and Berlin, Silvershed explores contemporary art values, ethics and aesthetics of the 21st century. Started in 2008 by Patrick Meagher, Yunhee Min and Oliver Lanz, Silvershed is all volunteer organized and often collaborates with other artist spaces internationally.

Collective Show is an artist-organized project that presents exhibitions by contemporary art collectives in a “group show of group shows” featuring local artist-run spaces, web-based groups, independent curatorial initiatives and not-for-profit endeavors.

Past events in New York and Los Angeles have included over 100 collectives. Collective Show aims to further creative relationships and conjure new ideas by fostering locally-run “collective shows” in art metropoles globally, through partnership with other artist groups as an open-source project sponsored by Silvershed.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Silvershed at this time.
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Raised $1,000