Life In The Balance

Take the guess work out of cancer drug selection.

World renowned Oncologists are challenging the cancer industry to recognize a Chemo Screening test(CSRA) that takes the "guesswork" out of drug selection.

In the efforts to find a cure for cancer over $200 Billion has been directed towards research and treatment efforts in the past three decades, yet death tolls have risen by 73%. Despite substantial achievements in cancer treatments, on average patients only experience a 30% survival rate.
“Life In The Balance” lifts the veil on a lab test known as Chemo Sensitivity Testing that has doubled patient survival rates and investigates why it has been stymied by the medical industry.

This is an investigative documentary about one of the most emotionally charged issues of our time.“Life in the Balance” documents the journey of a group of maverick doctors as they chal- lenge the leaders of the medical industry to pay attention to Chemo Sensitivity Testing. Along the way they are faced with many roadblocks; as the industry rejects their data, refuses to allocate funds to research and, or support a clinical trial to reinforce their findings.

Currently, Chemo Sensitivity Testing is available to patients, yet do to the lack of support from the medical industry, oncologist are reluctant to use it in their practice and insurance companies have no incentive to cover it.
Cancer Research has become increasingly narrow making it difficult for physician- scientists who want to study different treatment options to receive funding.

The effects of media and film are undeniably powerful and far-reaching! “Life In The Balance” is an influential tool in bringing about real awareness and change to the issues explored in the film. Donate and join us in saving a life, maybe that of even someone you know.

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