Winged Fist Organization

In 1898, a group of Irish immigrants in New York City came together to form an organization that became known as the Irish-American Athletic Club. They purchased a plot of land in what would become Sunnyside, Queens, and built an athletic facility they named Celtic Park. They adopted a winged fist as their emblem, with the Gaelic motto "Laim Laiidir Abu" Strong Hands Forever. Prominent members of the Irish-American Athletic Club, many who were New York City police officers and collectively known as the "Irish Whales", competed for the U.S. Olympic team from 1900 to 1924, bringing home 47 Olympic medals for their adopted country. In their day, they were world-renowned, but today they're all but forgotten.

The Winged Fist Organization was formed in the Summer of 2008, with the goal of preserving the legacy of the Irish American Athletic Club, and highlighting the important role it played in the Irish Diaspora in New York. We have created a website ( to serve as a comprehensive repository for photographs, artwork, poetry and other ephemera pertaining to the I-AAC.

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