A friendly dinner takes a wrong turn in "Jackie." The story of an Ivy Leaguer and her birth mother who find out that their similarities are disturbingly strong and first impressions can never be undone.

"Ronnie," born below Brooklyn's poverty line, has married wealthy and maintains a stunning home in the suburbs of South Jersey with her four year-old son. Her world is rocked when made to confront Jackie, the daughter she gave up, in a quest for her son's life-saving bone marrow.

With frantic caution she seeks her out to find that Jackie's thrived through the nation's finest institutions. From foster homes in East New York this is no small feat. Determined, Jackie is ready to show her mother just how much she has not, does not and will never need her. This is where our story begins...

B. Good Productions, LLC is a holistic media organization that firmly believes in universal humanity along with the power of film & television to condense multiple intelligences and simultaneously entertain. Used efficiently, the screen can not only serve as an educational tool, but also intertwine socialization and civics on a broader scale in the form of feature films and television series.

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