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Hard Sparks

Daring performances of dangerous plays.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our production of THE JAMB such a big bloody success!

Next up is Bob Bartlett's BAREBACK INK directed by David Drake in rep with Melody Bates' THE CABARET AT THE END OF THE WORLD directed by Joan Jubett. Your donation will help us to secure rehearsal space and pay our hard-working artists.

Hard Sparks champions the work of early- to mid-career playwrights and actors for a diverse audience of urban theatre-goers who demand daring performances of adventurous new plays.

It is the goal of Hard Sparks to utilize revenue to provide a growing audience with a meaningful experience without sacrificing the integrity of the artists who create it.

We believe in the power of live performance to heal, to inspire, to transform, to light a better fuse in a rapidly changing world.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Hard Sparks at this time.
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