Peter and I

The Araca Project is a new program created by The Araca Group to allow emerging theatre artists to express themselves through an exciting production intensive in June 2011, culminating in a two-week run at the American Theater for Actors. The mission of the Project according to The Araca Group is “to give artists a pride of ownership in their careers by providing a forum which both manifests their artistic visions as well as galvanizes classroom theory with real-world action.” The opportunity to collaborate with other emerging artists to create a brand new production under the guiding eye of seasoned professionals is an opportunity that does not present itself often.

Matte O’Brien and Matt Vinson’s Peter and I is a new musical chosen as part of 2011’s Araca Project. Peter and I is a new contemporary rock musical about Michael Llewellyn Davies, the inspiration for Peter Pan, or “The Boy Who Never Grew Up.” The piece explores the clash between fantasy and reality; the inertia that is a tragic necessity of our everyday lives, but also threatens to take over our dreams. The beauty of this piece is its ability to give new light to the characters we know and love; the humanity and depth behind the fairy tale.

Our vision for Peter and I is to develop the show into not only an incredible theatrical experience, but also a vehicle of discussion. One of the issues explored within the text is the tragedy of gay teen suicide. We hope Peter and I can be a vehicle for discussion, action, and ultimately prevention of gay teen abuse and isolation. We hope to work in partnership with The Trevor Project, Sylvia’s Place, and other LGBT support groups to enrich Peter and I’s relationship with local LGBT youth.

In its development, Peter and I has the following production goals:
Ӣ To provide a vehicle for collaboration among emerging theatre artists.
”¢ To establish a reputation of high-quality, entertaining performances that add to the development and growth of Matte O’Brien and Matt Vinson’s creative team.
Ӣ To supply each Peter and I performance with a high level of technical facility.
”¢ To enrich Peter and I’s relationship with local LGBT youth.

Like any creative endeavor, putting together great theatre takes much time and effort. It also takes the involvement and support of the community. This is why Peter and I is asking for donations now. Your support will help make our already fantastic production of Peter and I better.

Your gift will be used to help with the following:
Ӣ Collaboration with LGBT support groups
Ӣ Costume and set construction
Ӣ Custom sound and light design
Ӣ Rehearsal expenses
Ӣ General production maintenance
”¢ Maintenance of Peter and I’s website,

Please give a tax-deductible donation today. Your gift will go directly to enhancing our exciting production. Thank you in advance for your support.

The Peter and I Production Team

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