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The Agora Projects

The Agora Projects builds solar-powered pavilions that provide off-grid solutions

Marina Nash, The founder of The Agora Projects (formerly Restorascapes), believes that Art, as a Universal language of symbols allows her to communicate beyond the barriers of linguistics.

The Agora, from the ancient Greek, translates to “Gathering Place” – a place where citizens came together to engage in community affairs, art and culture. Today, our Agoras provide the same value and purpose, a place to connect with others and create community in a beautiful setting.

As a native of Colorado her concerns are also environmental. All of us on The Agora Projects team find solace in nature. We look to the Earth for inspiration, and seek ways to protect her.

Each Agora is uniquely designed to respond to the needs of underserved populations by providing access to information and education via Internet connectivity, embedded computer tablets and charging stations for mobile devices thus creating a self-organizing learning environment.

Our solar canopy designs and products are an elegant demonstration of clean, renewable energy generation. One of our products provides an outdoor space for peaceful self-reflection. Such sanctuaries increase opportunities for inspirational insights and deepen our human connection with Nature. The Agora integrates evidence based design and neuroscience with multi-sensory stimulation that reduces the negative effects of chronic stress, so prevalent in our modern lives.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of The Agora Projects at this time.
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