DOGFACE Theatricals

A Production Company with Bite!

DOGFACE Theatricals Mission Statement:
Whether producing a new comedy, a reinterpreted classic or a boundary breaking avant-garde piece, DOGFACE Theatricals explores relevant emotional, social or political value in an effort to create a dialogue with our audience. On a piece by piece basis, we’ll seek to collaborate with community, national or global based organizations to dissolve the divide between art and life; ideally resonating with each individual long after the curtain falls. Not only do we want to entertain, we seek to inform and inspire as well.

Sponsored since Sep 23, 2011
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$50 or more » Chihuahua

Graceful, alert, swift-moving, and sassy with a saucy expression. Highly intelligent and not to be underestimated.

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$75 or more » Beagle

Happy-go-lucky, friendly, curious and comedic, they often follow their noses-which can lead to some mischief.

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$100 or more » Bulldog

Equable, resolute and dignified. Form strong bonds with children with gentle dispositions and adorable wrinkles.

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$250 or more » Golden Retriever

Intelligent, energetic, adaptable and eager to please attitude. Great worker skills for for hunting, guiding, search and rescue.

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$500 or more » Pitt Bull

Courageous and strong, athletic build and intelligent. Loyal to family and will protect them from any threat.

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$750 or more » Saint Bernard

Gentle, dignified, Intelligent, strong, powerful and muscular in build. They drool!

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$1,000 or more » Great Dane

A gentle giant. Majestic, strong, elegant, friendly and energetic. Loving, but be careful around kids!

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