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The Global Mosaic Project brings community- based public art, arts education and entrepreneurial training to communities around the globe.
Founded by public artist, educator and community builder Laurel True, The Global Mosaic Project’s mission is to foster community engagement in the creation of site-specific works of public mosaic art- leaving a legacy of neighborhood beautification, community cultural development and arts training for all ages.
The Global Mosaic Project highlights the Power of Art in communities, focusing on the creative process and affirming that community- based mosaic projects can empower participants, transform environments and contribute to collective healing and economic development.
Projects are focused mainly in underserved, urban and developing areas and have been created with communities across the US- many in New Orleans and inner- city Oakland, in West and East Africa and most recently in Haiti.
The Global Mosaic Project partners with organizations, schools and community groups to develop unique participatory projects, designed and implemented through direct community engagement and action. These projects are facilitated in all types of settings, ranging from open participation street art that engages the public to organized programming through schools and community centers.
The Global Mosaic Project is an ongoing, multi-faceted project and includes several complimentary programs, forming a nexus of benefits for project participants and host communities.

Our programs offer:

* Permanent Public Artworks
* Arts Education
* Teacher Training and Professional Development Workshops
* Community Partnerships and Cross-Cultural Exchange
* Craft Development and Product Design

Program benefits:

* Neighborhood Beautification
* Community and Economic Development
* Building Self-Esteem and Hope
* Knowledge Sharing
* Community Ripple Effect

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