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Erin Hill (the Sci-Fi Harp Girl) makes a Music Video Album

Hello! I'm Erin (aka The Sci-Fi Harp Girl), and I'm making a Sci-Fi Harp Music Video Album called "Girl Inventor." It’s 10 psychedelic sci-fi pop tunes with 10 matching sci-fi music videos. I play the harp & sing, and write songs with stories, like little Tales of the Unexpected. Each video will be like a little four-minute Twilight Zone episode set to a pop tune. I've already made the first two of the 10 videos, for my song "Giant Mushrooms," which is here on YouTube:
and "Lookout, Science" which you can see here:
USA Today released "Lookout, Science" as an exclusive premiere in April, 2012, and it was also featured on the Kickstarter blog.

I finished a successful 30-day Kickstarter campaign on November 16th, 2011 and raised $34,570, but that's actually a pretty small budget for making both a regular audio album plus 10 music videos. We'll be shooting the videos throughout 2012, with a planned release date for the video album of January 2013. I'm so happy to discover Fractured Atlas, which is the perfect way for new backers to become a part of the "Girl Inventor" project throughout 2012.

We're basically making a 45-minute film -- a video book of 10 sci-fi short stories set to pop music. It's the music and film hybrid equivalent of those great paperbacks with sci-fi story collections from the 1950's and 1960's. And it will be a regular music album as well - the final project will be a CD/DVD package. I'm also setting the videos in different time periods – mainly the 1950's (the golden age of science fiction), but also the 60's (age of Star Trek!) and 70's (age of Logan's Run & Star Wars). Right now we have a shoestring budget, but the bigger the budget becomes, the better the videos will be! From the all-important sci-fi special effects to top-notch editing, costumes, sets, graphic design, locations... every penny will go to increasing the production value of the project.

If you want to watch my Kickstarter video, it really explains and illustrates the whole project perfectly:

I've always loved singing and writing songs (my whole life) and playing the harp (since I was 8), and I've also always loved science fiction, from reading short stories in old sci-fi mags to watching Star Trek & The Twilight Zone. So I finally put my greatest loves together and began writing pop tunes on the harp with science fiction lyrics! Harp has a great background in science fiction, by the way, as evidenced by that other great sci-fi harpist, Mr. Spock ☺

I'm also happy to offer the same rewards that I offered as part of my Kickstarter campaign, from signed copies of the CD and DVD all the way to house concerts, so feel free to ask me about those. Or send an email and just say hello!

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