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Desperately Seeking the Exit

What happens when musicals go wrong? This show!

"Desperately Seeking the Exit" - World Tour 2013
Written & Performed by Peter Michael Marino
Directed by John Clancy

In 2007, American actor and playwright Peter Michael Marino wrote a huge musical based on the American film Desperately Seeking Susan featuring the music of the American band Blondie. It opened on London's West End, and closed a month later. WHOOPS! This comic solo train ride about a collective train wreck fills in the blanks of how the £3.5 million musical was made and unmade. From hatching the idea, to deals with producers, MGM, Debbie Harry and even Madonna; all the way to thrilling workshops, dangerous previews, scathing reviews, closing night and beyond. This 60-minute true tale not only traces the evolution of the high-profile musical from conception to closing, but the journey of an American writer finding his voice in a foreign country that speaks the same language.

This solo comedy premiered in New York City in May 2012, before heading to Long Lake (NY), Manchester England, and finally the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received rave reviews. The show transferred to the Leicester Square Theatre in London's West End in May 2013 after stops in NYC, Adelaide, Australia and Ft Myers, Florida. EXIT heads back to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2013 for the whole month.

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