Fractured Atlas
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ACI's Daughter Productions

a stage and camera production company

"The Happiest Person In America"
written and directed by
Sara Israel

Liza Lapira, Shiri Appleby, Steve West, with Dale Dickey and Michael Paul Chan

Festival Screenings: Religion Today Film Festival (Special Jury Prize - Trento, Italy); Los Angeles International Shorts Festival; Knoxville Film Festival; Seattle Asian American Film Festival; NewFilmmakers NY; San Francisco Online Jewish Film Festival; Ballston Spa Film Festival; Asians On Film Festival, DisOrient Film Festival

Also available for conferences and community screenings.

"The Happiest Person In America" is a short film about the formula for happiness, and one woman's quest to learn from the one man who has mathematically "achieved" it.

Set at the cultural intersection of American Judaism and the Asian American experience, "The Happiest Person In America" is a whimsical, unexpectedly funny and subtly insightful story about what we lose and what we gain throughout our lives, and how those transactions affect our identities and our "happiness" even while we must acknowledge that there are some aspects of each of us that are immutable.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of ACI's Daughter Productions at this time.
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