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Courtney Allyce Miller: Enriching Opera (CAMEO)


New Fundraising Campaign!

Hello friends!
So much has happened since my last update in July. I made my debut at Michigan Opera Theatre singing Hannah in THE PASSENGER - a stirring opera about a former SS Officer grappling with her role during the Holocaust and the prisoners she oversaw. I sang in Yiddish and Russian - two new languages for me! If you ever have a chance to see this important work, please do!
I also made my Madison Opera debut singing Meg in LITTLE WOMEN. It was wonderful to sing at home in Madison and get to share a bit of my performing life with friends and family.
Coming up next, I am traveling to Europe! I am competing in the Antia Cerquetti competition in Italy. I am also taking advantage of my time in Europe to sing some auditions in Germany and the UK. I have rebooted my Fractured Atlas for those of you who wish to help me fund this trip. All donations are tax deductible!

What would your help do?:
$10 covers a meal
$25 covers my train travel in Italy
$50 covers coaching with a German pianist
$100 covers the German manager fee
$150 covers a one way flight from Germany to Italy
$200 covers my UK flight
$300 covers my travel insurance
covers my AirBnB in Italy
$400 covers my Eurorail pass


Courtney Allyce Miller: Enriching Opera (CAMEO) is a fund designed to support an innovative young mezzo-soprano as she continues to develops her vocal technique, stage craft, musicality, and artistry.

Mission Statement: To inspire audiences, sustain the performing arts, and kindle the audiences of tomorrow.

A young artist must have an entrepreneurial spirit and be her own manager. Mezzo-soprano Courtney Miller has the imagination, passion, and drive to create opportunities that expand and refine her artistic skills. Your support through the CAMEO fund will aid this promising mezzo-soprano during this important time of her career.

As an advocate for the arts and lover of art song, Ms. Miller aims to give and annual recital tour that reaches audiences that may not have had the opportunities to experience live classical vocal music. She hopes to collaborate with dancers, instrumentalists, accompanists, and fellow singers. While recitals are exciting performance opportunities, they are complex to organize and expensive to produce given venue and publicity costs as well as artistic costs for coaching and accompanists during rehearsals and performances.  

Being an opera singer is an expensive career endeavor. It is vital to stay at peak performance level and to have the diligence to continue to hone your craft every day. Good singing requires regular voice lessons and coachings, frequent auditioning and singing in competitions that involve travel expenses. There are also the basic expenses of managing one’s career through maintenance of a website, revising and refining promotional materials, and producing recordings, as well as traveling to singing engagements.

CAMEO allows art advocates to support a passionate artist, Courtney Miller, and witness her growth through their generosity. As a patron, you have the opportunity to be a part of Ms. Miller’s journey; this opportunity is not only rewarding, it is also tax deductible!

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support and enrichment of the arts!

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Courtney Allyce Miller: Enriching Opera (CAMEO) at this time.
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