Play Generated Map and Document Archive

A history of play.

The Play Generated Map and Document Archive collects, preserves, and interprets ephemera from play. This might be a piece of paper scrawled with tic-tac-toe boards, or a crumpled play map from a Dungeons and Dragons game. The archive holds the conceit that these items can be a sort of folk art, and have a cultural value that based in both the aesthetic value of the objects and in their historical value within the development of play.

The bulk of the archive is made up of documents related to tabletop and early computer RPG play, these items have a special significance because of their importance in the development of contemporary computer games.

Donations to the archive will go towards the acquisition and preservation of game related artifacts. Donations may also help with interpretation of these objects through public exhibition, publication and presentations.

Sponsored since May 25, 2012
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