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creating dynamic internet, video, and live dance experiences

Under One Dances is striving to build a broader community around dance through minute-long videos, engaging content, and short interactive performances. We aim to generate and grow the public’s interest in dance and to highlight and promote dancers. In addition to our video series and website we produce live interactive dance performances; #TweetDance premiered at Figment Art Festival in June 2013, and has since been performed in a wide range of traditional and nontraditional venues; The Process premiered at the Governors Island Art Fair in September 2013.

It is essential to us that the dancers are paid a professional rate for their work.

Founder/producer Kyla Ernst-Alper is a dancer, aerialist, martial artist, filmmaker, and transmedia artist with a passion for engaging and broadening the audience for dance through dynamic internet, video, and live performance experiences.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of Witkem at this time.
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$10 or more » Supporter

Anyone who donates $10 or more will be listed on the "Thank You" section of the "Under One" website

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$250 or more » Video Co-Sponsor

Receive a "co-sponsored by" credit on an "Under One" video.

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$500 or more » Video Sponsor

Receive a "sponsored by" credit on an "Under One" video. If you're donating as a couple we can list both names on the credit.

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$1,500 or more » Video Sponsor & Co-Producer

Select a dancer from our "dancer wish list" and choose a location in New York City, and we'll produce that "Under One" video! You will receive a "sponsored by" credit on that video (or you can dedicate that video to someone/something). Not familiar with NYC? Using Google Maps Street View, we will work with you to determine a location that is especially meaningful to you.

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