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Homeless in Homeland

Saria Idana's solo theater show HOMELESS IN HOMELAND goes to the UK!

HOMELESS IN HOMELAND is a solo show, written and performed by Saria Idana, and based on a trip she took to the Middle-East. It documents her journey as an urban Jewish American woman to understand her identity, the human desire for a place of home and how to stand for justice in the face of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. In a hip-hop theater style she fuses personal with political, poetry with seven dance styles and speaks in the voice of seventeen characters, Israeli, Palestinian and American. The first appeared in 2009 as a workshop peformance at Art Share Los Angeles and at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York and has been presented over twenty times at public venues, colleges and festivals around the US. In 2012 Idana was awarded with an Outsranding Perofrmance Award from the Los Angeles Women's Theater Festival and Ed Rampell of the Hollywood Progressive named the show "a dramatic tour de force" comparing her to solo theater pioneer Anna Deveare Smith.

HOMELESS IN HOMELAND is now getting ready for its first performance outside the United States! Saria Idana is on her way to the UK to perform May 27th-29th at the Warren Theatre as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival in the south of England. To ensure that these performances happen, the production team is aiming to raise $6,000. These funds will cover the initial production costs of this exciting next step for this dynamic show.

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