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Are You Afraid of the 90s?

The Tale of the Quarter-Life Crisis. A short film.

ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE 90S?: The Tale of the Quarter-Life Crisis. ©

A clever, comedic, and satirical short horror film about the greatest decade ever, come to life. Written and directed by Kate Moran. Produced by Hannah Cauhepe, Chelsea Marino, Christa Artherholt, Emily Duncan. Co-Producer James Sireno, Associate Producer Michele Suttile.

Now unemployed & living with her parents, Jessica's nostalgia for the ‘90s has become a living nightmare.


26-year-old Jessica Russo had it all, but when a careless mistake at work costs Jessie her job, she finds herself back home with her parents and dozens of boxes filled with her childhood things. As she struggles to pull herself out of her quarter-life crisis, she starts to notice her childhood toys appearing in the strangest of places, as if they have a life of their own. Strange turns stranger until it becomes all too clear: the '90s are out to get her. Starring Heather Matarazzo and Kristine Sutherland. Shoots April 2014.

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