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Zeek: A catalyst for conversations about the Jewish tomorrow.

Zeek is a catalyst for conversations about the Jewish tomorrow.

Founded in 2001, Zeek relaunched in late February 2013 as a hub that showcases the people, ideas and conversations driving an inclusive and diverse progressive Jewish community. At the same time, we’re committed to building on Zeek’s award-winning reputation for original, ahead-of-the-curve Jewish writing and arts, culture and spirituality content, incubating emerging voices and artists, as well as established ones.

Over the years, we’ve evolved along with a shifting landscape. We believe that as tools and technologies have changed, the boundaries separating art and organizing, social change, policy and culture have morphed, providing new opportunities for inspiration and action. We’re striving to position Zeek as a platform for engagement and collaboration while strengthening these points where social justice and Judaism, arts and social change intersect.

We aim to open minds and hearts to change in the Jewish world, introducing new ideas and new ways of being Jewish. In 2014, we have lined up a rotating cast of practicing artists to curate a new series spotlighting contemporary Jewish artists. We will continue publishing original poetry, introduce multimedia components, upgrade our visual capacity, and return to publishing literary pieces and fiction.

Zeek is a fiercely independent online Jewish magazine housed on the Forward website.

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