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A Life in Boobs

A Life in Boobs: The Musical

This energetic musical highlights the trials and tribulations of boobs with dance numbers, comedic vignettes and dramatic monologues. From the awkward stages of development, early dating through motherhood, and even struggles with breast cancer, boobs profoundly shape a woman's journey and many of her awkward memories!

This comedic and truthful musical revue is filled with dynamic choreography and gorgeous music all based on the trials and tribulations of growing through life with boobs in modern America. These comedic vignettes and dramatic monologues are meant for adults but are not explicit, and ages are welcome!

With original music composed by Aaron Beaumont, written by Casey Christensen, and conceived by Jennifer Goodman, this musical has heart, laughs, and catchy beats!

A portion of the show's profits will be used to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research when produced for live audiences.

Sponsorship is inactive or expired. Fractured Atlas cannot accept donations for the purposes of A Life in Boobs at this time.
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