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Angelique Weger, Senior UX Engineer

Angelique Weger

Prior to joining Fractured Atlas, Angelique developed web sites as a freelancer, in collaboration with Left Bank Creative and as senior front-end developer for Detroit Trading. She is one of the founders of Baltimore's Girl Develop It chapter, which has more than 1,300 members, women from all walks of life who are changing their lives by learning to code. Before making her own transition to tech, Angelique worked at several art museums, including serving as the von Hess Graduate Fellow at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

She received a BA in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she attended the Cook Honors College, and has also studied at Sheffield-Hallam University in the History of Art, Design and Film program and graduate studies in Museum Communication at University of the Arts.

When she's not crafting user interfaces at Fractured Atlas, Angelique pursues a variety of other crafty DIY activities: she's made her own paper, yoghurt, cider, cheese and yarn.

Pronouns: she, her, hers